modico and the environment

read more about modico and its contribution to ecology!

A neat solution

A responsible handling of the environment starts with the smallest things in life. For example with the stamps on your desk. Conventional wooden- or self inking stamps make a lot of special waste during completion. Harmful chemicals such as developer and fixer are being used. The air is getting polluted with toxic vapours, dust and particles. The special technical devices that are needed are wasting a lot of energy. Quite a lot of effort and dirt for an item that disappears easily in the palm of your hand.

By going for a modico you can change all of that. The modico is based on an intelligent technology, the flash process. It allows an almost emission-free designing of your individual stamp. An energy- and space-saving exposure-unit does the job in just a few minutes, completely without any chemicals. Even when used daily, the modico remains ecologically friendly. Once the ink pad is empty, you can get it refilled or replaced without needing to throw away the whole stamp. The modico clearly is a neat invention.